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NEW FOGATTI – Instant Gas Hot Water Service with control Black door



FOGATTI  –  Instant Gas Hot Water Service with control dial + black door


The RV Industry’s First On-Demand Induced Draft LP Gas Tank less Water Heater! With controller

  1.  Instant hot water
  2. Unlimited Hot Water
  3. No Recovery necessary
  4. No Old Fashion Storage Tank
  5. Energy Efficient-Dual BTU Burner
  6. Environmentally Friendly

The Fogatti Product Tank less Water Heater incorporates a power blower that forces the combustion air through the heat exchanger (Induced draft). This patent pending technology results in a unit capable of providing:

  1. Higher Combustion Efficiency than atmospheric heaters
  2. Heat Transfer Efficiencies in excess of 90%
  3. Higher Wind Resistance Performance
  4. No Adjustments necessary at High Altitudes
  5. High Burner Power in a small footprint
  6. Quieter Performance

This unit is Approved for us in Australia, it has a similar gas consumption rate to the Suburban gas hot water system, however it should use less gas as it is only burning while the hot water is running. The unit fits into the same cutout as existing Suburban installations and existing wiring can be adapted for use, making changeover a breeze.

  • BTU/HR 34,000 – 27,000
  • Fuel Propane (LP Gas)
  • Inlet Pressure 10.5” WCI Min TO 14” WCI Max
  • Manifold Pressure 8” – 10” WCI Max
  • Power Input 12VDC < 3 amp
  • Water Operating Pressure 125 PSI Max
  • Maximum Water Temperature 125˚ F
  • Dimensions W 12.5” x H 12.5” x D 15.5”
  • Dimensions W 319m x H 319mm x D 395mm

**Please note this must be installed by a licensed gas fitter. A certificate of compliance will be required for proof of correct installation for any warranty claims.**

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 40 cm