WiTi Anti-theft System


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WiTi  Anti-theft System

WiTi includes a revolutionary anti-theft system and is the only anti-theft system designed specifically for caravans and trailers fitted with electric brakes.

If a caravan / trailer is hitched or moved slightly whilst the anti-theft is active then WiTi immediately applies the brakes, flashes all the lights and sounds an alarm.

Features –
  • Designed and developed in Australia.
  • WiTi detected movements via a highly sensitive gyroscope.
  • The caravan or trailer is completely immobilized and impossible to tow.
  • Includes integrated remote control and alarm. 

"Best Anti-Theft Device Ever"

Ian Broomfield of Northern RV Services, Vic, talks through a device that he reckons is the best caravan anti-theft system ever invented. And he may well be right. Check it out. Great value at $499 plus a $15 delivery fee, you can’t go wrong with this product of the week!!!

Posted by Go RV on Thursday, 11 April 2019


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