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The Sphere Automatic Satellite system will automatically find the satellite almost anywhere in Australia.

This is the price of the system without the VAST Satellite Decoder. You either need to bring your foxtel box with you while travelling to use with the system or purchase a VAST satellite receiver .

-The unit mounts onto the roof of your caravan/motorhome/trailer
-Auto LNB Skew
-Dual LNB
-Compatible with Foxtel

Closed Height (when folded down): 202mm
Mounting Base size: 700mm x 400mm
Dish Size: 860mm x 920mm
Elevation range supports 20 to 75 degree angles to suit any Australian locations
Tracking Rate: 50 deg / sec
Power: 12VDC
Current Usage: 1.6A (2.5A Max), 0.1A in sleep mode
Weight: 19kg, Gearbo3x, dish and mount – 16Kg



If you are unsure how to install this product please contact us for a quote to install it for you (at Northern RV only).


Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 99 x 94 x 14 cm

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